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Sony Alpha Photographers

Aug 30, 2021

A chat with high school photo teacher and commercial photographer Jayce Giddens. We talk about how he got started, how he combines teaching with his professional photographer, his advice to beginning photographers and more. You can see his work at on Instagram at @jayceg and on Alpha Universe.

Jayce Giddens is a self proclaimed “anti-specialist” photographer. He enjoys just about every genre of photography- and has pretty much tried them all in the past decade, or so. By day, he teaches high school photography, and by night and weekends… and any chance he gets, he continues to fuel his passion for creativity with travel and making pictures. For the past 6 months he has been working tirelessly on building an off-grid, DIY campervan named eVANder to literally drive everything that inspires him… and tell stories carved in pixels along the way.

The Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast is part of the Alpha Universe Podcast Network.